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Professional & Management Development Training

Financial Accounting

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This training course is designed to furnish non-accounting managers with the essential knowledge and skills needed to understand and interpret financial information effectively. Participants will learn the fundamentals of accounting, financial statements, budgeting, and financial analysis. By the end of the course, managers will be better prepared to make informed financial decisions, communicate with financial professionals, and contribute to the financial success of their organizations.

Accounting for Non Accountants Managers

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Finance for Non Finance Managers

This course is designed for non-financial professionals looking to understand the key principles of finance and improve their financial decision-making skills. Participants will learn financial statements, budgeting, cash flow management and financial analysis in an understandable way. By the end of the course, non-financial managers will have the knowledge and confidence to engage in financial discussions, contribute to strategic planning, and drive financial success within their organizations.

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Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

This advanced training course is designed for financial professionals and analysts with the aim of deepening their understanding of financial statements and improving their analytical skills. Participants will explore complex components of financial statements, assess financial health, and discover insights for strategic decision-making. Through in-depth case studies and hands-on exercises, attendees will refine their ability to evaluate financial performance, identify potential risks, and make informed recommendations to optimize financial strategies. This course is ideal for those seeking a mastery of advanced financial statement analysis techniques.

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Zakat Accounting Diploma

The Zakat Diploma of Accounting is a specialized program designed to provide participants with extensive knowledge and experience in accounting for Zakat, an important aspect of Islamic finance. This diploma course covers the principles, calculations and compliance of Zakat in the context of Islamic financial regulations. Participants will gain the skills necessary to accurately manage Zakat accounting for individuals and businesses, ensuring compliance with Sharia principles. This program is essential for finance professionals and auditors working in Islamic financial institutions and anyone interested in understanding Zakat accounting in depth.

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